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Since 2007, when the first Science Fair was held, the Science, Technology and Innovation Festival has become firmly established as part of the city’s cultural diary.
Our mission is to be a city committed to research and innovation, that is more accessible and participative. We provide information on the work carried out by our scientists and engineers in Barcelona’s universities, research and technology centres and businesses. To achieve this, we have put together an outstanding programme of activities – for all ages and for all audiences – with the purpose of bringing citizens up-to-date on and closer to the culture of science, technology and innovation. This year creativity has taken centre stage as it is a key instrument for transmitting knowledge on science, technology and innovation.
Come and join in! For the next few days, the city will become a great citizen laboratory where members of the public are free to experiment.
We look forward to seeing you from 4 to 20 June.



Our mission is to illustrate the potential of collaborations between research groups, businesses and institutions. We will emphasise how important these alliances are for rising to the immense present and future challenges, as well as for creating new skilled job opportunities and improving social and economic welfare.



This large-scale event will provide a meeting place for researchers and citizens. The festival will emphasize the role of research and innovation as a driving force for change and development in Catalonia. So, get ready to turn Ciutadella Park into a great laboratory and experience science, technology and innovation as never before.



Workshops, performances and pieces of art in places where science doesn’t usually play a part. The idea is that different aspects of science or technology stimulate discussion and that the arts act as a catalyst for this debate. The artistic pieces that have been selected enjoy broad international recognition.



Citizen science engages the public in scientific research and aspires to make it more democratic through the use of web 2.0 technologies and smart phones. To date, New York, London, Paris, and Amsterdam have successfully put in place citizen science programmes. The Office for Citizen Science at Barcelona Lab has put forward a series of activities that will promote these practices in the city.



This year, for the first time, a selection of the best documentaries on science and technology will be screened. The Documentary Film Festival gathers different and innovative perspectives on such varied themes as nuclear energy as a solution to global warming, genetic engineering, bionics, the loss of darkness in our environment and the quest for eternity. The festival will be rounded off with the 1st Professional Conference on Audiovisual Media, Science and Technology.

Resum festa de la ciència 2014
Imatge 2014
Ciència al metro
I Mostra audiovisual
Bee-Path: Experiments on Human Mobility
Ciencia al metro
Ciencia al metro
Ciencia al metro
Ciencia al metro
Resum festa de la ciència 2013
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